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Frequently Asked Questions

High vitality and optimal productivity of bees depends on their local adaptation. They must therefore be tested and selected under local conditions.

Yes! All engaged beekeepers will be trained to successfully implement performance test under their local conditions. Various extension tactics (manuals, trainings, e-newsletter, website etc.) will be used for keeping all participants informed and updated.

The efforts of colony management are comparable to the common beekeeping practice. However, some extra time is needed for Varroa infestation monitoring and control, pin tests and recordkeeping.

A lot. By your direct and active participation you will have a free access to the improved local honey bee stocks which certainly will improve your production capacity and overall beekeeping business performance.

With the involvement of perspective and broad-minded beekeepers and breeders the SMARTBEES concept afterwards should continue as a sustainable European network for breeding of resistant and productive local honey bee populations.

Check List

Question Yes No
Are you enthusiastic regarding the conservation of locally adapted honey bee populations?
Can you devote some time and effort for testing honey bee colonies from different origins?
Can you organize (establish) a test station with 10 to 20 colonies in the test?
Can you follow the recommendations given in this protocol?
Are you willing to participate in different training and informative workshops?
Will you be ready to share your experience and knowledge with other beekeepers from your region and Europe?

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