Program Cycle

The SMARTBEES project is focused on identification, breeding and propagation of locally adapted honey bees with high performance and resistance traits to Varroa destructor. The implementation of the concept requires coordinated activities between different stakeholders: individual beekeepers (breeders), regional groups and scientists. All groups have their own role, often cross-linked and coordinated with the activities of the other partners.

Program Cycle Graph

The beekeeper is responsible for managing the test apiary, implementing performance tests and producing queens for testing. These activities will be synchronized with other involved beekeepers and experts (regional group), who will facilitate the entire process of data collection and validation. Additionally, these groups may be responsible for the organization of mating control and for queen distribution among the testing apiaries. The Program management is responsible for data evaluation and estimation of breeding values with the aim to support the selection of the breeder queens. The program management is also responsible for development and implementation of the extension program, mainly focused on training of the involved beekeepers and experts.